Guest Lectures

Honors Guest Lecture

Mr. Michael Wilmington - Film Critic

Chicago Tribune Lead Film Critic Michael Wilmington delivered a lecture titled "The Idea of America: Visions of America in Film" at Saint Xavier University as a guest lecturer for the Honors Program.

Michael WilmingtonWilmington argued that American films present a conflicted image of America. While reinforcing democratic ideals and images of America as "The Promised Land," American film is compelled to trace a pattern of betrayal of American promises and values. He reinforced his thesis by commenting upon vivid scenes in classic American films, from Citizen Kane to The Searches to Gangs of New York. Throughout his commentary, Mr. Wilmington shared with the audience stories conveying his own awakening to film and his joy and stimulation in a career devoted to interpreting cinema and its cultural role.

Wilmington is a public intellectual and nationally recognized expert on film history. His inquiry into depictions of America in film explores inspiring incarnations as well as disturbing betrayals of American myths and ideals.