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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Religious Studies Programs and Requirements

The purposes and programs of the Religious Studies Department aim at fostering critical and informed perspectives on religion and religious traditions. The department is a place where the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition is freely explored, and where the ecumenical and interfaith dialogue inaugurated by the Second Vatican Council is richly embodied in an array of courses and sequences of study. Please review the program requirements and course descriptions in the SXU Academic Catalog for more information.

Religious Studies Major

The Religious Studies major consists of a minimum of 39 credit-hours in the department, six of which may be fulfilled by the core requirements in religious studies. In consultation with a departmental adviser and with the final approval of the department, majors will formulate a program of studies that best suits their educational and career objectives.

The department strongly encourages students who major in religious studies to develop a significant body of complementary work, perhaps leading to a second major or a minor program of study in another academic area of the University.

Religious Studies Minor

The Religious Studies minor consists of 18 credit-hours, six of which may be fulfilled by the core requirements in religious studies. Minors may fulfill the requirements by successfully completing any four or more additional courses from those offered by the department, including one seminar.

Catholic Studies Minor

The minor in Catholic studies consists of 18 credit-hours, six of which will fulfill the core requirements in religious studies.

Religious Studies Certificates

The undergraduate Religious Studies Certificate consists of 12 credit-hours. Students may chose to pursue one of the following certificates that peak their interest:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Catholic Perspectives on Heath Care Certificate
  • Comparative Religious Studies
  • Christianity and Culture