Philosophy Program Description

Philosophy Major

The major program in philosophy is designed for the needs of three different types of students:

  • Those wishing to pursue graduate work in philosophy
  • Those who intend to do graduate work in a related discipline, such as religious or literary studies, or to obtain a professional degree such as an MBA or law degree
  • Those who desire a challenging and broad liberal arts undergraduate education as a basis for a career in business or government

The program of 34 credit hours has been designed to enable students to pursue a minor or even a second major in another field. 

Philosophy Minor

The minor program is designed for those planning on pursuing graduate work in a related field (including certain professional programs, such as law or medicine), and those seeking a good liberal arts education, either for its own sake or as preparation for entering the work force.

To receive a minor a philosophy, students must take PHIL 140, three courses in the history of philosophy, and four electives.