Pre-Health Professions Program

Saint Xavier University has a long history of successfully preparing students for all allied health profession programs. Saint Xavier's pre-health professions program provides students with the strong background necessary to become a physician, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, physician's assistant, chiropractor, pharmacist or veterinarian. Saint Xavier alumni have been accepted to a large number of health profession programs including the Midwestern University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Marquette School of Dentistry, The University of Illinois, Chicago Pharmacy Program, Saint Louis University School of Pharmacy, The University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and Purdue University Veterinary School and National Lewis College of Chiropractic. As competition to enter health professions programs continues to increase, Saint Xavier University students have a distinct advantage.

Individual Pre-health Professions Advising

Saint Xavier's pre-health profession advisors have over 90 years of combined advising experience. Pre-Health Committee faculty are actively involved in appropriate health advisor professional organizations. The Committee has access to the Deans of Admissions of professional schools, advises students, acts as a clearing house of information and attends meetings at various professional schools throughout the year. When requested by a student, individual letters of recommendation will be consolidated by the Committee into composite letters, and these composite letters will be sent to professional schools. The Committee also helps individual students arrive at a realistic decision in regard to applying to a professional school and other career alternatives available to them.

Students interested in pursuing admission to a health professions program should contact a member of the Committee early in their academic career at Saint Xavier.

Common Admissions Requirements


Chemistry: 111 and 112 along with 251 and 252
**Highly Recommended: Chem 301

Biology: 111 and 112

**Highly Recommended: BIO 300, BIO 306, BIO 320

Physics: 201 and 202

Math: 112 and 113/201
**Highly Recommended: Statistics

English/Writing: 120 + another writing intensive course

For more specific course requirements for pre-health biology majors and pre-health chemistry majors please follow the links.

Major Choice

For most professional schools, any major is an appropriate route of study as you prepare for a career in a health profession. While the biological science majors are probably the most common choice in preparation, as long as you complete the science requirements and other courses required by the profession, schools will consider you equally with science majors. If you choose the major that most interests you, you increase your chances of being successful.

Admissions Test

For each professional school you apply, you will be required to take an admissions test. If you plan on applying directly following graduation from Saint Xavier, you should register and take the test in the spring of your junior year.