Saint Xavier University Graham School of Management

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Accounting Student Organization (ASO)

Do you want to meet accounting professionals while you are still in school? Would you like to learn about internships and scholarships available for accounting students? Are you interested in taking on leadership roles and sharing new and exciting ideas with other individuals in your area of expertise? The Graham School of Management Accounting Student Organization (GSM ASO) can point you in the right direction!

The ASO is a student organization that assists business students in gaining a more complete accounting education. The ASO provides students with a forum that allows you to socialize with other accounting students and professors and presents the opportunity to get to know one another better outside of the classroom. The ASO also provides essential information on scholarships, internships, employment opportunities, networking and career planning.

The ASO officers and directors are directly involved in the coordination of on-campus recruiting events as well as other club activities. The ASO strives to build enthusiastic involvement of students, faculty, alumni and the business community with the Accounting Program at Saint Xavier University's Graham School of Management, its students and graduates.

Become a member and discover what the ASO can offer you, and what you can offer the ASO.


The Graham School of Management Accounting Student Organization's mission is to promote the study and practice of accounting, provide opportunities for self-development and association among student members and practicing accountants, encourage a sense of ethical, social and public responsibilities, as well as recognize outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting.


  • Provide a community for members to learn and grow both professionally and personally
  • Provide leadership activities and networking opportunities to promote both professional development and self-development
  • Create and expand networking opportunities within the organization and outside the organization
  • Encourage involvement in campus and extracurricular activities to pique the interest of employers


ASO meetings for spring 2017 are on the first Thursday of the month at 4 p.m. in Andrew Lecture Hall (GSM 120). These meetings are approximately an hour long. They will normally consist of a brief update with the progress of upcoming ASO related events.

Traditionally, monthly meetings are held during the fall and spring semesters. Activities can include guest speakers from accounting firms, business and professional societies; social events; firm tours and volunteer programs.


ASO membership is available to any Saint Xavier University student. There are no membership dues.