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What is the edTPA Performance Assessment?

The edTPA is an evidence-based assessment of teacher effectiveness that has been approved by the State Board of Education in consultation with the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board. The edTPA is meant to serve as a capstone assessment and compliments other assessment required by ISBE. The edTPA is built around three-to-five continuous days of standards-based, subject-specific classroom instruction delivered by a candidate, typically during the student teaching or clinical experience. edTPA is a multiples-measure assessment of teaching -- built and submitted by the candidate -- that addresses planning, instruction, assessment and analyzing teaching. It includes unedited video recordings of the candidate teaching and examples of teaching materials (plans, teaching tools, assignments) that demonstrate how the candidate planned instruction adapted it for diverse learners -- attending both to subject specific learning and the development of academic language -- and assessed student work.

Qualified and trained teachers and teacher educators who are subject matter experts with experience supporting beginning teachers score each assessment. Half of current scorers are recruited from higher education and half are recruited from P-12 educators, including National Board Certified Teachers.

edTPA Resources 

edTPA Plagiarism Policy

Please read the edTPA Plagiarism Policy (PDF) carefully.

edTPA Handbooks (2016)

The following are the edTPA Handbooks (2016) that will guide the performance task. The handbooks will be referenced throughout your program. The handbooks can only be accessed with the appropriate SXU username and password. Please note that any candidate student teaching in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 will be required to work from these updated documents.