School of Education

Endorsement Programs

The English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual Education endorsements prepare both pre- and in-service teachers to design and deliver effective instruction for culturally and linguistically diverse students.

The state requires that ESL and/or bilingual education clinical experience equal 100 clock hours or three months teaching experience, under a valid Illinois license, with ESL and/or Bilingual Education students. Completion of this program for individuals with a master's degree will lead to a certificate of advanced studies.

Course Requirements

The state issues a letter of approval for ESL and also bilingual upon successful completion of this program.

Passage of a language proficiency examination in a language other than English is required for a bilingual approval.

Program Requirements

Course Descriptions

The middle grade endorsement is available for candidates completing certification in either elementary or secondary education. To earn this endorsement, candidates are required to have the equivalent of 3 credit-hours of middle grade philosophy, curriculum, instruction and methods and 3 credit-hours of early adolescent psychology, in addition to 18 credit-hours in a subject area.

At Saint Xavier, students may opt to earn the middle school endorsement by completing the following courses:

Course Requirements
EDUG 459 Methods, Curriculum and Philosophy of Teaching in the Middle School (3)
EDUG 508 Advanced Adolescent Development (3)

For the subject area, most endorsements require 18 credit-hours in one subject; but seven endorsements (bilingual education, bilingual special education, English as a second language, gifted education, mathematics, reading, and safety and drivers education) require additional hours or specific course requirements. Information about specific requirements can be obtained from the Office of Teacher Education.

Program Requirements

Course Descriptions

The certificate of advanced studies (CAS) in education program is designed for individuals who have earned a master's degree and wish to complete additional graduate work without commitment to another degree program. A program of study is developed which is specific to the needs of each candidate and includes appropriate sequence of academic courses. Completion of the program leads to a certificate of advanced studies. All coursework (18-30 credit hours) to the certificate must be completed at Saint Xavier University. Certificates of advanced studies may lead to an endorsement in technology specialist or an ESL/bilingual approval.

Program Requirements

Course Descriptions

This is a collaborative project between the School of Education and the Department of Computer Science. This program is designed for practicing teachers who are interested in a technology specialist endorsement at the middle or high school level from the State of Illinois. Graduate students who apply for and are accepted to the School of Education program are required to take twenty-four credit hours in applied instructional computer sciences in order to qualify for the endorsement. A minimum of three graduate courses from the Department of Computer Science and one course in instructional technology from the School of Education, listed below, are required coursework. Additionally, students need a minimum of 7.5 credits in applied computer technology. Those courses may be taken at the lower level. Courses have to be focused on the application of instructional technology and approved by the School of Education. The middle school endorsement also requires completion of 6 credit hours of coursework in middle school education that have to be taken at the graduate level unless previously completed. The endorsement at either level requires passing the content area technology specialist certification test #178.  

If an admitted student has already earned a master's degree, they may pursue a certificate of advanced studies from the School of Education by taking one additional graduate course in the School of Education.

Required Courses

EDUG 517/ACSG 591 Introduction to Technology and Computing (4.5)
EDUG 518/ACSG 500 Current and Future Trends of the Internet (4.5)
EDUG 519/ACSG 575 Information Ethics (4.5)
EDUG 522 Curriculum Integration for Educational Technology (3)

A student who has prior knowledge and/or background in any of the ACSG courses listed above may replace that course with another ACSG course, such as security, web programming, networking, etc. with the approval from the Department of Computer Science.  For more details about other ACSG courses, visit the master's of applied computer science page.