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Eileen Quinn Knight

Eileen Quinn KnightProfessor


Area of Specialization

Math Methods, Statistics, Developmental Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction


Professor Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D., was born in Rockville Centre, Long Island, N.Y. She attended school in New York and Florida each year of grade school. Her high school days were spent in Palm Beach, Fla., at Rosarian Academy. She graduated from college in Michigan and received her master's degree in counseling psychology from DePaul University in Chicago. Her journey then took her to Northwestern University, where she married her husband, John. Three sons followed! When the boys were school age, Dr. Knight taught part-time at Saint Xavier University. Subsequently, she enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 1992, she received her doctorate in educational psychology.

Now, Dr. Eileen Quinn Knight is a full professor in the Education Department at Saint Xavier University. She has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in teacher education for the past 28 years. Her expertise is primarily in the area of adolescent development and math method courses to undergraduates and curriculum courses to graduate students. She also supervises clinical experiences in schools and has promoted a new program of tutoring students in schools. Previous to her work at Saint Xavier, she taught in both grade school and high schools in Illinois and Florida. Her dissertation, "Pre-Service Teachers Sense of themselves as Meaning Makers in Mathematics," was summarized in the Harvard Educational Review. She has also published extensively in regard to urban education in the Teacher College Record, published by Columbia University Teacher College Press in New York.

Besides her teaching duties, Dr. Knight was chosen by her University to serve as a member of the Illinois Board of Higher Education Advisory Committee and as a board member for Mother McAuley Catholic High School on the same campus as Saint Xavier University. She has worked with the Archdiocese of Chicago in assisting veteran teachers in regard to teaching mathematics and has her students working with the teachers and parents at several local schools in Chicago. She has worked for the Golden Apple Foundation as a supervisor for the scholars who attend Saint Xavier University and as the chair of the selection committee.

Dr. Knight has served on NCA accreditation committees for Mother McAuley High School and other high schools and grade schools. She has served Saint Xavier University on every committee within the University (twice as the senate president) as well as the Higher Education Committee Review in 2006. She has worked at developing University partnerships with high schools on the Southside of Chicago. Dr. Knight has received the Teaching Excellence Award from Saint Xavier University and from the state of Illinois.

Dr. Knight is an international presenter on issues of education: the Czech Republic, Ireland, England, France and Panama. Nationally, she has presented her work in Boston, New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Tampa, New Jersey, St. Louis, and this year assisted schools in East Baton Rogue. She has also presented with her students at the Metropolitan Math Conference held in January and the Illinois Teachers of Mathematics Conference held in October. This strategy helps her students develop leadership skills.

She considers education to be the best profession there is! In the past ten years, she has taught courses on Blackboard and as hybrid courses. It is amazing to her how quickly technology becomes such an interesting part of the curriculum.

Courses Taught


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