Frequently Asked Questions

Counseling Program

What is a cohort?

At the School of Education a cohort group is a group of graduate students who take a sequence of courses leading to a degree together. 

What is the cost of each course?

For information about the cost of this program, please contact Office of the Bursar at bursar@sxu.edu or 773-298-3046.

Who is eligible to apply to the program?

Any individual with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education. 

Is the counseling program accredited by the CACREP?

The counseling programs at SXU are not accredited by CACREP. The programs are accredited by the state of Illinois. The School of Education is nationally accredited by NCATE.

What about teacher certification?

Teacher certification is not required of school counselors in Illinois. If you are a not a certified teacher there will be a couple of classes that you are required to take as leveling courses. We offer those courses as part of your curriculum of studies. If you hold a valid teaching certificate you will have the option of taking two electives from the community counseling program offered in Chicago. Please consult with your faculty advisor about this option. 

Where do I do my practicum or internship?

The practicum and internship take place in the final year of the program. Candidates are placed at the elementary, middle or secondary school settings to conduct the practicum and internships. The placement process is coordinated by program faculty. 

How many state tests are required before I apply for my certificate?


  • One of the following tests: Illinois test of basic skills (#96 or #300) OR ACT plus writing with a score of 22 or more, OR SAT (mathematics and critical reading) (all these tests must have been taken within 10 years from admission) OR Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) for full admission.
  • Type 73, school counselor certification exam (#181) for certification (K-12)

How do I apply for the Type 73 certificate?

Once you complete the required coursework and have passed the Illinois basic skills and the Type 73 school counseling certification exam, you may contact the Office of Teacher Education kehoe@sxu.edu or 773-298-3971 to begin the certification application process. 

When and how do I sign up for the state tests?

You can apply online. You are encouraged to take the Type 73 certification exam during their practicum or internship. 

What if I leave my cohort and later decide to rejoin?

If you leave your cohort due to unforeseeable circumstances and inform your advisor, you may rejoin your cohort or join another cohort when the sequence of courses allow for you to join. You might have to pay a new rate of tuition if you have to join a different group.