Saint Xavier University Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month

Meet WGN and SXU's Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Orlando Gonzalez, who is a physical education teacher at Bolingbrook High School in the southwest suburbs, for being named Saint Xavier University and WGN-TV's October Teacher of the Month.

Orlando Gonzalez takes gym class to a whole new level. "Adventure P.E.", as it is fittingly called, offers students a break from the traditional. Gonzalez's unique curriculum includes anything from archery and fishing to weightlifting and getting CPR certified. 

These activities give students the opportunity to accumulate new practical and survival skills while also building confidence and having fun. Because she decided to try something new and take this particular class, nominating student Britanni Pendleton says that she feels more hopeful about what other exciting things she can pursue in life.

Gonzalez makes sure to get to know his students' interests and goals and this knowledge helps him better connect with them and teach them in class. His impact on his students is meaningful; his guidance and support helps them feel good about themselves and find success in what they do.

If you are currently a student age 13 or older in the Chicagoland area, please visit the Contest Page on WGN's website to nominate a teacher whom you feel makes a difference at your school or in your community.