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Early Childhood Education undergraduate program

New in January 2018

The new Early Childhood Education Program prepares candidates to work with children from Birth through Grade 2. Completion of the program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and prepares candidates to obtain an Illinois Professional Educators License with an endorsement in Early Childhood Education, ESL and an Early Childhood Special Education Letter of Approval. The Early Childhood Education Program consists of general education and professional education courses that address requirements for graduation and the State of Illinois requirements for licensure.

Early Childhood Education candidates will be concurrently enrolled in professional education coursework and field/practicum experiences designed to reinforce concepts and skills learned in the university classroom. The field/practicum experience blocks are designed to provide opportunities for candidates to apply course concepts in authentic environments. Required activities and assignments provide candidates with the opportunity to connect theory and practice, and prepare candidates for daily classroom responsibilities.

Early Childhood Education teacher candidates will observe and participate in a wide range of in-classroom teaching experiences in order to develop the skills and confidence necessary to be an effective teacher. The Early Childhood Education student teaching/clinical practice experiences have been designed as a serious apprenticeship that requires teacher candidates to spend a one academic year inside schools working alongside veteran Early Childhood educators.

Suggested Course of Study

Please see the Early Childhood Education Suggested Course of Study (PDF) for additional details about courses and qualifications.

Requirements in this program are subject to change within the time span of one's University career due to changing requirements at national, state and local levels.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Maureen Spelman at 773-298-3435.