Saint Xavier University School of Nursing

School of Nursing

Center for Nursing Scholarship

The Sister Mary Annette Walsh Center for Nursing Scholarship (CNS) was dedicated in 1993 for the purpose of advancing the development of scholarship in all its dimensions. The purpose of the Center for Nursing Scholarship is to improve nursing and health care by advancing nursing scholarship.

The Center for Nursing Scholarship is the structural unit within the School of Nursing that coordinates the planning, administration and implementation of nursing continuing education activities. These activities often involve collaboration between CNS and other units within the University or external agencies.

Fundamental Principles and Goals

A fundamental principle of the CNS is that the search for excellence in nursing scholarship will lead to improvement in nursing practice and health care. One purpose of the Center is to assist learners to progress toward expertise in practice through thoughtfully developed and creatively presented continuing education offerings that emerge from assessment of the needs of society and specific learners.

The Center's goals are to provide professional development opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the nursing community and are consistent with the Mission of the University and the Philosophy of the School of Nursing.