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Office: WAC E-306
Phone: 773-298-3180

Charlene Bermele, RN, MSN

Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Nursing Concepts, Older Adult, Clinical Instruction in Medical Surgical Nursing, Community Health and Leadership
Office: WAC E-211
Phone: 773-298-3752

Caitlin Blake, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Nursing Care of Adults, Nursing Therapeutics and Illiness Management, Care of Childbearing Family
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Saint Xavier University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Labor and Delivery
  • Reserach Interests: High riske maternal fetal care.
Office: WAC E-310
Phone: 773-298-3418

Glenda Morris Burnett, Ph.D., MUPP, RN

Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Community/Public Health, Health Policy, Population Health, Health Planning
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Population Health, Advanced Population Health, Health Planning, Health Policy, Faith Based Health and Public Health
  • Research Interests: Women's Health, Vulnerable Population, Population Health, Faith Based Health
Office: WAC E-326
Phone: 773-298-3519

Lisa Capps, Ph.D., APN

Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Population and Community Health Nursing Practice, Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice, Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nursing
Office: WAC E-213
Phone: 773-298-3830

Maureen Craigmile, RN-BC, MSN, CNL

Continuing Non-tenure Track Faculty Instructor

  • Teaching Areas: Mental Health Nursing, Concepts in Professional Nursing, Health Assessment Lab
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Saint Xavier University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Concepts in Professional Nursing, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Office: WAC E 215
Phone: 773-298-3214

Tina Dorau, MSN, RN, CRRN, CNE

Assistant Professorial Lecturer

  • Teaching Areas: Clinical Skills and Patient Care Management, Health Assessment, Basic Nursing Skills, Medical Surgical Nursing, Rehabilitation Nursing and Care of the Older Adult, Simulation in Nursing at All Levels, Online Education, Electronic Health Records and Nursing Informatics
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Benedictine University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation, Medical/Surgical, Telemetry, Observation and Sub-Acute Rehabilitation/Long Term Care
  • Research Interests: Simulation in Nursing, Nursing Informatics, Improving Student Retention and Success in Nursing, Effective Leadership for Nursing Students, Improving Quality of Patient Care
Office: WAC E-303
Phone: 773-298-3732

Mary Jo Dunne, RN, MSN, CRFN

Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Health Assessment, Advanced Nursing Therapeutics and Management of Nursing Practice, Pathophysiology
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Loyola University of Chicago
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Acute Care, Critical Care
  • Research Interests: The impact of altering lifestyle choices may have on cardiovascular disease risk factors.
Office: WAC E-334
Phone: 773-298-3751

Ann Sheerer Filipski, B.S., MSN, Psy.D.

Associate Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing-undergraduate and graduate theory, Health Care Systems and Health Policy, and Community Health, Clinical Practice, Health Disparities, Geriatric Health, HIV/AIDS, Experiential Learning Methods
  • Research Interests: The "Difficult To Treat" Patient, Qualitative Research and Phenomenology, Patient Advocacy and Health Disparities, Health Policy, Integration of Mental Health Services in Primary Care and General Clinical Practice, Advanced Practice, Legislative Issues, Provider-Patient Relationships
Office: WAC E-324
Phone: 773-298-3750

Amy Fry, RN, MSN

Nursing Faculty-Continuing Track/Clinical Coordinator-Nursing Fundamentals

  • Teaching Areas: Introduction to Nursing Therapeutics and Illness Management, Nursing Practicum, Nursing Management in Professional Nursing, PLUS Seminar, Nursing Management in Professional Nursing-Accelerated
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Lewis University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Medical Surgical, Neurology, Trauma, Orthopedics, Leadership and NCLEX Coaching/Success
  • Research Interests: Nursing Workplace Environments, Professionalism, Faculty Development, Policy Research
Office: WAC E-333
Phone: 773-298-3742

Peg Gallagher, Ed.D., RN, CNE

Associate Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Gerontology Nursing, Research/EBP and Administration
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Northern Illinois University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Gerontology
  • Research Interests: Gerontology, Teaching and Learning
Office: WAC E-103
Phone: 773-298-3710

Barbara Gawron, RN, DNP, CNE, CHSE

Assistant Professor and Director of Nursing Learning Resources

  • Teaching Areas: Simulation Pedagogy, Physical Assessment, Fundamental Nursing, Nursing Psychomotor Skills and Health Assessment
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Governors State University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Medical/Surgical, Telemetry, Women's Health
  • Research Interests: Simulation Evaluation Methods
Office: WAC E-219
Phone: 773-298-3734

Susan Hampson, M.S., APN, NP-C, CNE

Assistant Professor, Clinical Educator

  • Teaching Areas: Medical Surgical Nursing, Pharmacology, Health Assessment and Pathophysiology
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained:  Purdue University Calumet
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Emergency Nursing, Family Health
  • Research Interests: Faculty Presence and Student Retention/Success and End of Life Care
Mary Haras
Office: WAC E-208
Phone: 773-298-3757

Mary Haras, Ph.D., MBA, M.S., APN, NP-C, CNN

Associate Dean for Graduate Nursing Programs, Associate Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Graduate and Undergraduate Pharmacology, Health Assessment, Advanced Pathophysiology, Study-Abroad (Italy), Nursing Electives, Fundamentals, Writing
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Mennonite College of Nursing at Illinois State University
  • Clinical expertise/Practice Area: Nephrology, Oncology, Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Research Interests: End of Life, Simulation, Chronic Kidney Disease
Office: WAC E-307
Phone: 773-298-3738

Connie Hardy, RN, DNP, CNL

Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Leadership, Policy, Clinical Nurse Leader
Office: WAC E-214
Phone: 773-298-3722

Diane Heliker, RN, Ph.D.


  • Teaching Areas: Gerontology, Qualitative Research/EBP, Model of Care, Best Practice in Long-Term Care, Hybrid Online Education, Blended Approaches
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Loyola Universty-Chicago
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Gerontological Nursing, Long-Term Care, Home Health Care
  • Research Interests: Gerontology, Quality of Living in Long-Term Care, Dementia Interdisciplinary-Interprofessional-Teams, Person-Centered Care Through Story Sharing and Other Creative Venues, Qualitative Research-Hermeneutic Phenomenology, Descriptive Phenomenology, Grounded Theory, Mixed Method
Office: WAC E-313
Phone: 773-298-3574

Patricia Kelly, RN, MSN, CNE

Assistant Professor and Clinical Placement Coordinator

  • Teaching Areas: Introduction to Nursing Therapeutics and Illness Management
Nancy Lockie
Office: WAC E-223
Phone: 773-298-3720

Nancy Lockie, RN, M.S., Ed.D.


  • Teaching Areas: Community Health Nursing, Nursing Research, Leadership and Management in Health Care, Community and Population Focused Nursing Care
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Northern Illinois University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Community Health Nursing, Nursing Research, Leadership/Management, Health Policy
  • Research Interests: Significance of losing a partner, The changing patterns of relating to a deceased partner and the transformative process of losing a partner and Student retention and success.
Office: WAC E-301
Phone: 773-298-3718

Eileen McCann, DNP, BC-FNP

Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Family Nurse Practitioner Program: Management, Professional Role and Clinical Practicum Faculty
Office: WAC E-327
Phone: 773-298-3243

Larry Meneghini, DNP, RN, MSN, CEN

Associate Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Health Assessment in Nursing Practice, Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing, Advanced Therapeutics Nursing
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Governor State University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Critical Care Nursing, Emergency Nursing and Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Research Interests: Retaining men in schools of nursing.
Office: WAC E-304
Phone: 773-298-3736

Beth Michalesko, MSN, RN

Assistant Professorial Lecturer, Pediatric Clinical Instructor

  • Teaching Areas: Pediatric
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Pediatric/Neonatal Clinical, Pediatric Intensive Care
  • Research Interests: Childhood Obesity, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Pediatric Focused Topics
Office: WAC E-314
Phone: 773-298-3728

Teresa Miller, MSN, PCNS-BC, RN

Accelerated BSN Coordinator and Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Pediatric Pedagogy, Pediatric Clinical Practice and Community-Based Learning, Simulation, Accelerated/Adult Learning, Concepts of Professional Nursing
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Saint Louis University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Pediatric, Home Care/Private Duty
  • Research Interests: Transforming Pediatric Theory to Clinical Application, Accelerated Student Retention and Advancement
Office: WAC E-311
Phone: 773-298-3729

Kathleen Moran, RN, MSN, CHPN

Assistant Professorial Lecturer

Office: WAC E-226
Phone: 773-298-3723

Mary Murphy-Smith, DNP, APRN, CNM, IBCLC

Associate Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Nursing, Maternal Child, Women's Health
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Rush University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Childbirth, Lactation, Maternal/Child, Women's Health, Natural Family Planning
  • Research Interests: Lactation, Breastfeeding Education, Pregnancy/Childbirth, Postpartum Depression, Natural Family Planning
Office: WAC E-319
Phone: 773-298-3735

Molly Netter, RN, MSN

Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Math and Science (high school and college level). Nursing (Theory and Clinical)
Office: WAC E-320
Phone: 773-298-3747

Karen Lynn O'Brien, Ph.D., MSN, RN, CNE

Associate Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Adult Medical/Surgical Nursing and Health Assessment, Clinical Practicum Teaching
  • Institute Highest Degree Obtained: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Clinical expertise/Practice Area: Adult Medical/Surgical, Intensive Care
  • Research Interests: Undergraduate Nursing Student Retention, Adult Education
Office: WAC E-215
Phone: 773-298-3730

Michele Poradzisz, Ph.D., RN, CNE, CNL

Professor, Coordinator of MSN/Clinical Leader Track

  • Teaching Areas: Pharmacology, Nursing Research, Courses in the MSN/Clinical Leader Track, Diabetes Management, Chronic Illness Self-Management, Clinical Leadership including Microsystem Assessment, Quality Improvement and Project Management
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: UIC
  • Research Interests: Quality of Life, Chronic Illness Self-Management, Concept Mapping, Online and Hybrid Pedagogies
Office: WAC E-221
Phone: 773-298-3708

Maureen Rabbitte, MSN, RN, PEL-CSN

Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Women's Health, Public Health
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Women's Health, Public Health, Adolescent Health
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Rush University
  • Research Interests: Adolescent Health and Public Health
Office: WAC E-322
Phone: 773-298-3731

Maggie Reneau, Ph.D., RN

Director of Online Operations and Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Online Nursing Classes, Leadership and Education
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Capella University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Online Nursing Education
  • Research Interests: Online Education 
Office: WAC E-330
Phone: 773-298-3743

Monica Ryan, DNP, MA, APRN, FNP-BC

Associate Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Graduate andUundergraduate Health Assessment, Pharmacology, Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical Courses, Study Abroad (Ireland), Pharmacology
  • Institution of Highest Degree Obtained: Rush University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Primary Care, Family Practice
  • Research Interests: Evidence-based practice supporting Standards of Care and Clinical Practice Guidelines.
Office: WAC E-206
Phone: 773-298-3707

Zepure Samawi, Ph.D., RN

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Nursing Programs, Professor, Fulbright Scholar

  • Teaching Areas: Nursing Care of Children, Graduate and Undergraduate Nursing Research, Study Abroad (Italy and Turkey), Nursing Ethics, Community Nursing, Epidemiology, Mentoring
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Widener University-Chester
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Maternal and Child Health in Nursing, Health Promotion and Community Nursing, Faith Community Nursing
  • Research Interests: Concept Mapping and Critical Thinking Skills, Flipped Classroom and Use of Simulation, Developing Study Abroad Courses/Programs in Nursing, Successful Fulbright Scholar Award Applications for Nursing Faculty, Curriculum Development
Office: WAC E-332
Phone: 773-298-3737

Deanna Sommers, Ph.D, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC

Associate Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Pediatric and Community Nursing, Health Assessment, Research, Leadership and Management
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: Walden University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Community Nursing, Primary Care/Acute/Intensive Care Unit/Chronic Conditions in Pediatric Community
  • Research Interests: Published dissertation title: Socioecological Determinants Among Obesity in Parent/Child Caregivers in Aurora, Illinois
  • Barriers to healthy life choices among families of diverse and low socioeconomic status. Key words: acculturation, nutrition, obesity, overweight, poverty, and Latino
Office: WAC E-328
Phone: 773-298-3726

Laura Tucco, Ph.D, FNP-BC, CNS-BC

Director of Family Nurse Practitioner Program and Assistant Professor

  • Teaching Areas: Accute care, Pharmacology, Health Assessment, Pathophysiology, Advanced Practice, Nursing Issues and Leadership, FNP core courses
  • Institution Highest Degree Obtained: University of Phoenix
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Primary Care, Emergency Care, Medical and Legal Issues in Nursing Practice
  • Research Interests: Advanced Practice, Nursing Practice and Professional Issues, Advanced Practice Nursing Education
Office: WAC E-216
Phone: 773-298-3724

Caroline Wilson, FNP-BC, MSN, RN

Assistant Professorial Lecturer

  • Teaching Areas: Older Adult/Gerontology, Dementia, Delirium, Palliative Care, Advanced Directives, Management of Chronic Illness in the Older Adult, Management of Acute Illness in the Older Adult, Collaborative Care, Health Assessment
  • Institute Highest Degree Obtained: Indiana University
  • Clinical Expertise/Practice Area: Geriatrics, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation, Long-term Care
  • Research Interests: Palliative Care, End of Life Care, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Program Evaluation
Office: WAC E-321
Phone: 773-298-3749

Karen Wood, RN, DNSc, CCRN, CNL

Associate Professor