School of Nursing

Nurse Refresher Course

The Nurse Refresher Course is for registered professional nurses currently licensed in Illinois who are preparing to re-enter nursing practice in an acute care setting. The theory focuses on the discussion of common adult medical and surgical issues seen by the nurse in general practice. Pharmacology for the conditions discussed will be integrated within the theory and clinical components. A laboratory experience related to skills and procedures will take place on campus. A clinical practicum will allow the students an opportunity to apply their knowledge to clients with the actual conditions discussed. This course is a modification of an original course approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). IDFPR no longer regulates Nurse Update Courses. The theory portion of the class is a combination of classroom and online sessions. The course contains 48 hours of classroom/online instruction and 66 hours of laboratory/clinical instruction.

Participants in this program are required to complete various requirements before beginning the course. Additional materials designed to help you meet the requirements of the School of Nursing will be sent to you if you choose to register for this class. They include a checklist of the course and health requirements and a form for documenting the necessary history and physical exam. Additionally, you need an Illinois criminal background check, current CPR certification, health insurance, malpractice insurance and a drug screening.

The cost of the course is $1,500 and complete payment of this fee is expected before the start of the course. However, a short payment plan is available upon personal request. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you payment via credit card. Since this is a non-credit course, there is no financial aid available. You will be billed for the course after your registration form has been processed.

The Nurse Refresher Course is usually offered during the summer. For additional information, contact Darlene O'Callaghan at ocallaghan@sxu.edu or call 773-298-3742. 

Summer Dates

The School of Nursing will not be offering the Nurse Refresher Course this summer or anytime during the 2015 year. We hope to be able to schedule the course in 2016.