Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

General Education Program

Requirements for Transfer Students

Transfer Students and General Education Requirements

All transfer students must take ACSU 101: Transfer Student Orientation. The orientation meets once, for no cost, and carries 0 hours credit. This is a graduation requirement for transfer students.

Transfer students with fewer than 30 hours

All requirements of the new general education curriculum.

Transfer students with more than 30 hours

Students who have completed the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum (IAI/GECC) requirements (37-41 hours) must take the following additional Mission Based courses in order to fulfill their general education requirements:

Students have the opportunity to qualify for SXU’s IAI/GECC Articulation Agreement as long as the majority of the general education core has been met prior to transferring. Any remaining Ged Ed may be taken from Saint Xavier University. All other transfer students will be evaluated on an individual basin in terms of SXU General Education requirements.

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