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Student Engagement Coordinator

Charles Alexander
Student Engagement Coordinator
Email: calexander@sxu.edu
Phone: 773-341-5892

Charles Alexander started here at Saint Xavier University as an academic advisor in October of 2011. Alexander is from the southside area of Chicago, where he lived the majority of his life. Alexander attended Southern Illinois University - Carbondale (SIUC) for his collegiate career. While Attending SIUC, he majored in speech communication and marketing. During his graduate school studies, he received an M.A. in speech communication with an emphasis in Intercultural/Interpersonal communication.

While attending college, Alexander grew an intense passion for student support programs. He noticed the importance of mentorship for minority and underprivileged students through his personal experiences. Alexander started an organization at SIUC titled "Black Male Roundtable" to create a space for all minority men to have a voice and discuss any issues that they were facing. Also during his graduate school career he worked for TRIO Student Support Services (SSS), where he mentored, advised and provided educational workshops for all students in the program. Post-college, Alexander started working at SXU as an academic advisor, where he has advised over 250 students with various majors of study. He has also provided many self-empowerment workshops to the rebound classes here at SXU. During Alexander's spare time, he really enjoys family, music and community organizing.