What's New

April 2013

We’re proud to introduce Production Services to our CIDAT team. Some of you may be familiar with the services offered by the department, but most may know them best if you’ve ever requested a recording. Associate Director Michael Grimm and his team of student workers have expanded the scope far beyond recording events.   

 In the “new classroom,” faculty from art and design to mathematics are welcome to bring their ideas to life with production.  Behind the scenes of this small but busy department projects are underway; most of which are being created by students of Saint Xavier. Here are some highlights:

  • Faculty looking to “flip” their classroom can seek many creative opportunities. Video graphics, recorded lectures, and narrated PowerPoint are just some of the ways to introduce technology to their course. With the help of a Wacom tablet, course content can be better digitized and more accessible to students.
  • Student worker Haley Simone is leading the production of an iPad app for the CIDAT team. This app will have a link for patron initiated reservations (coming soon), tutorials on equipment use featured in video and PDF formats, and an equipment database that will allow patrons to view our equipment and properly select what is needed for specific events.
  • Grimm and his production student Caitlin Miernicki have been documenting the progress on the first floor library renovations. The finished product will be an awesome before-and-after video.
  • The video gaming software is an exciting feature Grimm and his team are hoping to see used more often. This software lends a hand to more than just a class on creating video games. Whether you’re a nursing professor looking to create a simulation hospital game, or an education professor who wants to create a new methods to make education seem like playing games, Production Services wants you to stop by and brainstorm ways to better utilize this software.

Production Services is proud to say that their support for the University exceeds recording a lecture or event. They have grown to facilitate all parts of the educational process and will continue to grow with the support of the SXU community.

Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Information, Rob Huizenga has been working with the department to enhance SXU athletics:

"With the help of Michael Grimm and the Saint Xavier Production Services Department, Cougar Athletics has advanced to the next level in terms of the services we can offer to our fans and supporters.  We now can bring the games to the world via their video streaming and now everyone can watch our talented student-athletes play.  They are always looking to upgrade their services and find ways to improve to ensure their viewers are always getting a quality product.  As someone who works in athletics, I have seen a lot of great teams and we definitely have one in SXU Production Services!"

Jen Quinlan, Facility Manager for the Shannon Athletic Center has also worked with Grimm and Production Services to create online course content:

“For the past two years the Shannon Center has offered Nutrition Counseling Programs.  This year, my staff and I had the idea of offering these classes online so that more people can sign up and participate in this wonderful program. I spoke to Mike Grimm from Productions Services and he said his department can videotape and edit all of the classes.  I was very impressed with how professional the whole set up was to videotape our nutritionist.  The process was extremely smooth and I look forward to working with this department in the near future.”

With so many projects going on simultaneously, you’d be surprised to find that the entire department is run by one full-time staff member and eight student workers. Production Services encourages students interested in working in communication, art, or production to look into on-campus work in Production Services to gain real-world experience in creating graphics and productions, video editing, app making, and any part of the production process.

January 2013

Winter has come to Chicago—a time for layers of knitted scarves and puffy coats, picturesque snowy scenes, and cups of coffee to wake and warm. Every year I have to make an adjustment, reminding myself to make room in my morning routine to scrape the ice from my windshield, to drive a little slower for safety, and to brace for the harsh, biting winds that are a Chicago winter. 

But there will be some good to come this winter, in particular all of the great technology transformations coming to Saint Xavier. The Center for Instructional Design and Academic Technology, along with Media Services, Production Services, and the Title III office are working together towards a common goal for the University, one that will involve some adjustments for the SXU community. Our staff welcomes students, faculty, and staff to embrace technology and new media at Saint Xavier with an open mind and a willingness to adapt. 

In the past year, CIDAT merged with Media Services, and from this merge created a third department—Production Services. Along with Title III we are dedicated to creating an environment where this University’s newest generations of learners are fully engaged in their studies. This endeavor can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. The iPad initiative—offering iPads and app money for students and faculty to interact with each other in a “virtual classroom.” Recently, fourteen 3rd Generation iPads were distributed to Saint Xavier faculty, along with a $100 app voucher. Additionally, six other faculty members were given $300 app vouchers for iPads they currently own.
  2. ShareStream—software that works with MyCourses to allow faculty to post videos, narrate their PowerPoint presentations, and share vital information with their students. This software will allow professors to expand the ways they are able to involve their students.
  3. One-on-one training—we believe that no two educators are the same. While workshops may do some good, one-on-one training will help our faculty be the best educators they can be. CIDAT will continue to host workshops and conferences, such as our annual Technology Day, but we welcome faculty to experience a more custom training with a CIDAT or Media Services staff member.
  4. Classroom “makeovers”—Saint Xavier classrooms are becoming “smarter.” CIDAT and Media Services are accomplishing this through new smart classroom installations. In order to improve learning facilities, most of the classrooms at Saint Xavier contain Mac/PC dual-boot computers, document cameras, Blu-ray players, and Smart Podium pens for the desktop computer.

Change is difficult, and we understand too well that technology  changes as quickly as the seasons. It is our hope that our learning community will be encouraged to embrace technology as part of education.

For more updates on what’s new in CIDAT, visit this page each month or stop by the CIDAT office for more information.