Institutional Review Board

Helpful Hints for Submitting Proposals

Submission Instructions

1. Download Request for Ethical Review of Research on Human Subjects.  Save the form to your computer using your last name to identify the document.

2.  Fill out all spaces on form using your word processor.

3. Attach to the application informed consent information and data collection instruments, as indicated on the form. Please do not send these as separate documents; they must be attached directly to the application form as additional pages.  To accomplish this, please perform the following tasks:

4. Name your document as follows: last name of P.I._ term_year.  [Sample: Smith_summer_08].  Forward the entire electronic document to: irb@sxu.edu.

5. Please print out the signature box page and sign at the places indicated.

6.  If applicable, please print out the "Administrator's Consent" for research done in schools or other institutions. This must be signed by the appropriate official.

7. Hard copies of signature items 5 and 6 above should be forwarded to:

Academic Affairs Office - IRB
Saint Xavier University
3700 W. 103rd St.
Chicago, IL  60655

Signature pages may also be submitted in person in Room A-209 of the Warde Academic Center during Academic Affairs office hours (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday).

Note:  Electronic documents will be reviewed by the IRB; however, an approval number cannot be issued until signature pages are received.

Hints and Reminders

Research Protocol

Consent forms and letters

For MATL Program Students:


(The following paragraph can be adapted for use describing the risks/benefits of the study. It clearly explains action research. This has been used by Dr. Sheila Wright's students; Dr. Wright has given permission for other FBM students to modify and adapt this explanation to their work.):

The proposed study is an action research project that is designed as a part of the regular __________________ (writing, math, for example) curricula in the _________ (number) classrooms. As such, the activities conducted are considered part of the existing duties and responsibilities of the teacher researchers involved in the study. All students will participate in the activities. All research activities are designed to increase the effectiveness of curriculum and instruction, thereby increasing the quality of the overall learning community.  The study involves ____________________ (description of activities).  All methods noted are considered best practice and are reinforced by the literature as beneficial for learners.  Researchers will adhere to the code of ethics established by the Educational Association and the American Psychological Association when implementing the study and will consult with designated University personnel as needed on matters pertaining to project implementation. Researchers will take precautions not to apply any pressure to students to participate in the study, and students' grades will not be affected by their decisions.  Students' right to decline to have their data reported will be honored with the highest respect, and teacher researchers will endeavor to convey the tenets of the field, the Saint Xavier University's mission, the School of Education's conceptual framework, and, in so doing, work to convey the dignity of participants, create a spirit of hospitality and pursue integrity of work and deed in all aspects of the project.