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Graduate Admission

College of Arts and Sciences graduate programs

The College of Arts and Sciences offers graduate programs for students interested in computer science, education and speech-language pathology. The application process and admission requirements for each of the programs varies greatly. Details for each program are provided on this page so please read carefully.

Computer Science

The Computer Science Department offers a Master of Applied Computer Science (MACS) degree that can be completed in two years and can be combined with the Graham School of Management's MBA degree with additional courses.

Application Requirements

Below are the requirements for the master of applied computer science program:

  1. A completed Graduate Student application (no application fee).
  2. Personal statement. In approximately 300 words, please address (1) your personal career goals, (2) how you developed an interest in computer technology and the Internet, (3) your computer background and proficiency, (4) how this program fits into your goals, (5) what skills and experience you bring to the program, and (6) what are your needs and expectations of the master of applied computer science program?
  3. Resume.
  4. Official transcript(s) from any/all institutions from which a bachelor's or master's degree(s) was/were received, and from any/all institution(s) at which graduate level coursework was completed. For such institutions located outside of the U.S., an official course-by-course transcript evaluation from ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators), WES (World Education Services), or Educational Perspectives is required instead of the actual transcript(s).
  5. Two completed recommendation forms. Recommendations must come from individuals (supervisors, professors, coworkers, etc.) with whom you have an academic and/or professional relationship and can attest to your academic competence and/or professional skills and character. Applicants who are graduates of Saint Xavier University need not submit recommendations, unless specifically asked to do so after submitting the application.
  6. Applicants who have not worked in the information systems field and/or do not have a computer based undergraduate degree may need additional coursework. If you are admitted into the program, an academic advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences will review your resume and transcripts for such purpose.

Admission Procedure

Apply online for the master of computer science (MACS) program or request an information packet by mail.

Admission Requirements for International Students

International students have additional application/admission requirements. See Supplementary Admission Criteria for International Students.


We are excited you are interested in learning more about the graduate level programs offered by our Education Department (formerly known as the School of Education). Please see the Graduate Education Admission Requirements for detailed information.

Speech-Language Pathology

The Communication Sciences and Disorders Department offers a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology that is designed for students who are interested in gaining hands-on experience with speech-therapy clients.

Application Requirements

Note: Do not apply for this program through the Saint Xavier University website! In order to be considered for admission into the Saint Xavier University graduate SLP program, submit an application through CSDCAS - and only through CSDCAS.

Applicants to Saint Xavier University's master of science in speech-language pathology program must meet the following specific requirements in addition to the general requirements for admission to graduate study at the University:

  1. Completion of an undergraduate major, or equivalent undergraduate course sequence, in speech language pathology. Undergraduate preparation typically includes:
    • coursework in biological and physical sciences, mathematics, behavioral and social sciences, statistics, linguistics and psycholinguistics
    • basic human communication and swallowing processes, including: anatomy and physiology of speech, hearing and swallowing mechanisms; speech and hearing science; phonetics; normal language development; basic audiology; neurological bases of communication and swallowing
    • introduction to developmental and acquired communication disorders, basic clinical methods and up to 50 hours of clinical practicum
  2. Scores on the general and writing section of the graduate record examination (GRE). A combined general score of 300 and a writing score of 4.0 is preferred, not required. If you take the GRE more than once, then please know that the highest score of yours from each of the three categories -- verbal, quantitative, writing -- is what will be considered when reviewing your GRE scores.
  3. For CSDI "Majors," a minimum undergraduate cum GPA of 3.2/4.0 is required. For "Non-Majors," the cum GPA from either your bachelor's degree or CSDI bridge courses must be 3.2/4.0. If you do not meet either of these GPA requirements, you will not be considered for admission.
  4. Three written recommendations from individuals able to comment on the applicant's academic and clinical achievements and potential for successful graduate study.
  5. Submission of a narrative regarding interest in the field.

Application Procedures

In order to apply to the graduate program in communication sciences and disorders at Saint Xavier University, individuals must submit an online application through the communication sciences and disorders central application service (CSDCAS) only. Do not submit an application through Saint Xavier University. CSDCAS posts frequently asked questions on the applicant portal. You are encouraged to read the FAQs before submitting your application.

Important information:

  • CSDCAS Application Portal
  • You must have your application and all materials submitted directly to CSDCAS by January 15 in order to be considered for admission into the following fall semester. The SXU CSDCAS GRE code is 0755. We encourage you to submit your application to CSDCAS by December 31 to allow CSDCAS ample time to process your application, combine it with the required supplemental items, and prepare it for the admission committee.
  • Your application and all supplemental items must reach CSDCAS by January 15 in order for you to be considered for admission. The admissions committee at SXU will not review any applicant's file whose application, three recommendations, narrative statement, GRE results, or official transcripts do not reach CSDCAS by January 15.
  • CSDCAS Customer Service Information is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at 617-612-2030 or
  • Send official transcripts to:

CSDCAS Verification Department
P.O. Box 9113
Watertown, MA 02471

Admission Requirements for International Students

International students have additional application/admission requirements. See Supplementary Admission Criteria for International Students.

Admission Requirements for Non-Majors

For information about admission requirements for non-majors, please visit the Transfer into Communication Sciences and Disorders web page.

More Information

For more information about the application and admission processes, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at or 773-298-3053.