Meet Your Admission Counselor

Meet Your Admission Counselor

Freshman Counselors

Andrea Bernardi

Assistant Director of Freshman Admission
Phone: 773-298-3039
Email: bernardi@sxu.edu
Freshman Admission Counselor
Phone: 773-298-3056
Email: esparragoza@sxu.edu

Cristina Estrada

Freshman Admission Counselor
Phone: 773-298-3063
Email: cestrada@sxu.edu 

Shauntee Randle

Freshman Admission Counselor
Phone: 773-298-3042
Email: randle@sxu.edu

Ricky Widmer

Freshman Admission Counselor
Phone: 773-298-3077
Email: widmer@sxu.edu

Transfer/Adult Counselors

Sean Bea

Assistant Director for Transfer Admission - Counselor for Last Names A-G and International Student Specialist
Phone: 773-298-3093
Email: bea@sxu.edu

John Kelly

Transfer Admission Counselor for Last Names H-O
and Veteran Recruitment Specialist
Phone: 773-298-3060
Email: johnkelly@sxu.edu

Sarah Winker

Transfer Admission Counselor for Last Names P-Z
Phone: 773-298-3005
Email: winker@sxu.edu

Graduate Counselors

Brian Condon

Assistant Director for Graduate Admission
Phone: 773-298-3058
Email: condon@sxu.edu