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George K. McGuire Award

About the Award

George K. McGuire (1918 – 1972) was appointed to the faculty of the Education Center (now the School of Education) at Saint Xavier College in 1959 after receiving his Ph.D. degree from the University of Chicago. McGuire was promoted to professor in 1962 and served as director of the Education Center from 1969 through 1971. Prior to his association with the College (now a University), McGuire was assistant principal of the Laboratory School of the University of Chicago, taught at Loyola University and in the Chicago public schools and was published in the field of education. In addition to his academic and scholarly contributions, McGuire was a caring and humane person. A thoughtful speaker himself, he encouraged his students to speak well; a focused listener, McGuire encouraged his students to listen carefully and actively; a generous teacher, McGuire was a model for his students.

Each year, the School of Education celebrates the contributions of the late Professor McGuire by recognizing an alumnus or alumna for distinguished service to Saint Xavier University and the field of education.

Past Recipients of the George K. McGuire Award

2010 Jason Crean
Yvonne Schmitt
1990 Margaret Carey, B.A.
2009 Mariagnes Menden
Carolyn Majorowski
1989 Paula Olszewski-Kublius, Ph.D.
2008 Judith Parker Mastin, MA '04 1988 Sister Corinne Raven, Ph.D.
2007 David Hollander 1987 Mary Ann Boreczky, M.A.
2006 Brian Fogerty 1986 Sister Lucille McKillop, Ph.D.
2005 Patricia Daley Martino
Rita Ford
1985 Richard E. Guerin, M.A.
2004 John Nieciak 1984 Sister M. Brian Costello, M.A.
2003 Mary Kean Coffey 1983 Mildred R. Gladney, M.A.
2002 Katherine Panko, M.A. 1982 Gregory Washington, Ph.D.
2001 Sue Parker, Ph.D. 1981 Sister Irenaeus Chekouras, Ph.D.
2000 Maureen Connolly, M.A. 1980 Susan Catania, B.A.
1999 Deborah C. Pope, M.A. 1979 Laverne Klotz, M.A.
1998 Kevin C. Cronin, M.A. 1978 Reverend John Krump, M.A.
1997 Jack Balderman, M.A. 1977 Sister Dominic Merwick, M.A.
1996 Mary Ellen Gavin, M.A. 1976 Marita Hogan, Ed.D.
1995 Sister Nancy Cahill, Ed. D. 1975 Margaret Harrigan, Ed.D.
1993 Kevin Burns, M.A. 1974 Kaye Siblik, M.A.
1992 Mary Walsh Mikolajewski, M.A. 1972 Gloria Walsh, M.A.
1991 Patricia Schultz, M.A.