Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

Transfer Agreements

Transfer Agreements Between Saint Xavier University and Joliet Junior College

Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Associate in Arts (A.A.) or an Associate in Science (A.S.)    

The 2 + 2 Articulation Agreement between JJC and SXU is designed to allow students earning an associate in arts (A.A.) or an associate in science (A.S.) to complete a bachelor of science degree in early childhood education for an Illinois Type 04 certification, or a bachelor of science degree in elementary education for an Illinois Type 03 certification in four years. By participating in this agreement, transfer of credits, timely completion of all program and certification requirements, and better sequencing of learning experiences are assured for students.

If you intend to participate in this program, it is important you sign and submit the program advising checklist to an advisor at JJC, stating your intent to participate in this program. An admission representative from Saint Xavier University will meet with you once a semester at the Joliet Junior College campus to answer your questions and ensure that you continue to take the appropriate classes.  

The 2 + 2 program advising checklist are available at the JJC Advising Center and can be found in the SXU transfer guide.

Criminal Justice

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)   

Saint Xavier University will accept students from Joliet Junior College who have earned an associate of applied science (AAS) degree in criminal justice as students, have reached junior standing, and have completed the general education requirements of Saint Xavier University with the following exceptions:

  1. One 3 credit-hour course in philosophy (Phil 140) and one 3 credit-hour course in religious studies to be taken at Saint Xavier University.
  2. For School of Continuing and Professional Studies students (age 23 years or older), 6 additional credit hours are required:
    1. Foundation Seminar
    2. Senior Seminar
  3. For traditional-aged students in the College of Arts and Sciences, 6 additional credit hours are required:
    1. One 3 credit-hour course in mathematics
    2. One 3 credit-hour course in humanities (fine arts and literature or history).
  4. No grade of D or less will be accepted as part of the requirement for a major in criminal justice.
  5. Transferable courses must be at a post-secondary level.

For more information on either agreement, please contact the Office of Admission at Saint Xavier University at 773-298-3050.