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Renaissance Academy

Renaissance Academy

The Renaissance Academy is a collegial association of retired and semi-retired men and women who share learning experiences and intellectual growth in a friendly, relaxed, academic setting, regardless of educational background. Enrollment is open to all who believe in the importance of pursuing the Academy's life-long learning opportunities. Classes are peer-facilitated and include topics like philosophy, history, literature, current events, poetry and computer technology.

University Affiliation

Classrooms and some resources at both the Chicago and Orland Park campuses are made available to Renaissance members as part of the Saint Xavier University community outreach initiative.

Membership Benefits


Individual Renaissance Academy members serve as class facilitators. They develop their own programs and choose program materials. Members are encouraged to volunteer their time so that the Academy may offer a broad selection of courses.

No testing or grading is included in the program; however, class participation provides the energy that makes the Academy a viable entity.

Sample Areas of Study

Arts and Sciences Finances Poetry 
Cosmology Fitness Philosophy
Current Events History  Religion
Entertainment Literature Travel/Geography