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Yvonne and David Sode

Zach’s Story

Zach Dolph ’14 didn’t let any grass grow under his feet.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance and marketing on Saturday, May 10 and started his new job on Monday, May 12. 

“I’m very fortunate. My new boss offered me the chance to have a week off to relax and get situated, but I said, ‘No, I just really want to get started on my career.’”

Zach will be an outside salesman for American Precision Supply, Inc., a distributor of pipe/valve/fittings and actuated valve packages with locations in Hampshire, Ill. and Coal City, Ill.  The company is owned by Teri Sharp, whose son Tyler was a teammate of Zach’s on the Saint Xavier University football team. As part of an extensive orientation, Zach will spend his first two months working at the APS warehouse in Coal City so he can learn about the products he’ll be selling. Then he will spend 6-9 months with the inside sales team in Hampshire getting a broader perspective of how the company operates.  After that, he will return to Coal City to handle outside sales.

Securing a position before graduation was exciting for Zach, but the process was a bit stressful. “I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I was interested in a sales career, but I was also thinking about group or individual life insurance. Even financial advising for a bit.”

His job search process included making new contacts and reconnecting with at least one person every day.  He participated in a Graham School networking event sponsored in conjunction with the Office for Alumni and Parent Relations and Career Services annual job fair.  Additionally, he let friends and family know he was looking for a job. His efforts paid off -- he had to decide between multiple job offers. 

“I consulted my parents and decided the best opportunity for me was at American Precision Supply. The Coal City office is new and there’s a lot of potential. Plus, if I work hard, there might be a possibility of moving into a management position in the future. That’s important to me.”

Zach is eager to put the skills he learned in and out of the classroom to use. “My advisor, Laura Earner, and all my coaches and professors have helped me develop time management skills, relationship building skills and the ability to communicate with diverse sets of people.”

“Dr. Joyce Hunter, associate professor in the Graham School of Management, was one of my favorite professors. She was good at putting marketing concepts into perspective and incorporating real life situations in her teaching. She also told us we needed to attend every class or she would call and wake us up. She did everything she could to make sure we got as much out of our education as possible. I’ve had the same experience with all my professors.”

“Saint Xavier University became my home for four years. I am so grateful I was not just a name in a grade book, but a person the professors wanted to teach and help learn.”

Zach is just one of our newest alumni -- nearly 700 students participated in spring commencement -- whose skills and talents have been nurtured in our caring campus community and who are ready to tackle the challenges that await them.

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