Saint Xavier University Library

Library Campaign

Phase Two

Completed fall 2009.

The 49th Street Gateway Arch and a charming patio with outdoor stage were added to the Smith Morris Quadrangle entrance to the Library. This peaceful gathering place provides space for studying, meeting with friends or collecting thoughts after a busy day.

The Arch replicates the one that stood at the entrance to the Saint Xavier College campus at 49th and Cottage Grove Avenue (1901-1955). Recreated on the Saint Xavier University 103rd Street campus in 2009, the Arch figures prominently in the annual Medallion Ceremony that welcomes new students to the academic community. The 49th Street Gateway Arch is a symbol of Saint Xavier's long history in Chicago and a tribute to all -- students, staff and faculty -- who have played a part in its long service of education.

Naming Opportunities

Outdoor patio (3400 square feet)    $200,000  
49th Street Gateway Arch $150,000  
Outdoor stage $20,000  
Benches $2,000 each
Lamp posts $1,500 each