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Saint Xavier University’s Agatha O’Brien Hall receives LEED Gold designation

Illinois’ first LEED Gold University now first with two LEED Gold buildings

Chicago (Jan. 5, 2009) Saint Xavier University, the first Illinois school to receive the coveted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold designation for one of its buildings, is now the first to have received two LEED Gold designations.

Agatha O’Brien Hall, the newest residence hall on Saint Xavier’s Chicago campus, has received the LEED Gold designation from the U.S. Green Building Council for sustainable building practices. The University previously received a LEED Gold designation in 2007 for Arthur Rubloff Hall. Just nine other universities in the country share the honor of having two LEED Gold buildings.

Learn more about SXU going green at http://greencampus.sxu.edu/.

Saint Xavier incorporated an exceptional number of strategies to protect the Earth’s natural resources into both buildings’ construction.

The energy-efficient 36,664 square-foot O’ Brien Hall was designed to use both natural and mechanical ventilation, and a 50-foot high circular glass stair tower draws tempered air to assist in summer night pre-cooling and winter heating. This concept improves building energy efficiency and occupant comfort. 

The building uses 100 percent “Green-e” Power from mixed renewable energy products to carbon offset all electrical energy consumed in the residence. The roof features a solar reflection system, and the rain garden filters roof water runoff. 

The indoor air quality in the student rooms is significantly above American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Inc. (ASHRAE) standards. All student rooms have windows that can be opened to promote natural ventilation air patterns, harvest natural daylight and allow beautiful views of the Saint Xavier campus, providing all students with a closer connection to nature. 

The Illinois Chapter of ASHRAE recently presented Saint Xavier University with a 2008 Excellence in Engineering Award for O’Brien Hall. The award recognizes achievements in the design of new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and retrofits. Rubloff Hall received the same award in 2007, and both halls were nominated for regional ASHRAE awards.

For more information about O’Brien Hall, please CTRL + click here. For more information about Rubloff Hall, please CTRL + click here.


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