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Let's Talk is a program that provides students with informal, confidential consultation with counselors from the Counseling Center. Students are seen on a walk-in, first-come, first-serve basis.  

What's the difference between Let's Talk and counseling from the Counseling Center?

Counseling through the Counseling Center offers regularly scheduled 45-50 minute appointments to address needs, which require at least three sessions. Let's Talk consultations are meant to address smaller issues within about 15-20 minutes, and therefore, don't require formal intake appointments, assessments and paperwork like formal counseling does.

Let's Talk is designed for situations in which:

  1. students who have a specific problem would like someone with whom to talk it through.
  2. students are not interested in ongoing counseling, but would like the perspective of a counselor.
  3. students who have a concern about a friend and want some thoughts about what to do.
  4. students are not sure about counseling and wonder what it's like to talk with a counselor.

What if I attend Let's Talk and then decide I'd like to start seeing a counselor on a regular basis?

No problem! Please let the Let's Talk counselor know that you are interested in more formal counseling and he/she will give you a Request for Services form or you can complete one online.

I attend formal counseling at the Counseling Center and would like to stop by Let's Talk as well. Is this a good idea?

No, Let's Talk is not a substitution for formal counseling and doesn't constitute mental health treatment. Also, to avoid confusion, it's best to address your situation with one counselor.

Will I have to give any personal information to the Let's Talk counselor?

We would like to collect some data on the students that visit Let's Talk, so we will ask for basic demographic information: name, gender, ethnicity, major, year, resident or commuter, and how you heard about the program. We will also keep very short notes on the reason for your visit. This information is kept confidential, but is not considered treatment notes, as in formal counseling. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can choose to remain anonymous and not provide any demographic information.

Are the visits confidential?

Conversations with Let's Talk counselors are confidential, though there are a few rare exceptions. If a student is an immediate suicidal threat to him/herself or a homicidal threat to someone else, we would be required to share this information with the proper authorities. Counselors are also required by law to report abuse of a minor or the elderly.

The Let's Talk Program is the creation of Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) and they have been gracious in sharing this program, in its entirety, with other interested colleges and universities, like Saint Xavier University. We are extremely grateful to them for their commitment to not only supporting the students at their university, but to those across the country.
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To make an appointment with a counselor, click the link below and submit a request for services.

Request For Services Form

If this is an emergency, please call 911 or 3911 on campus.

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