Counseling Center

Mission Statement

The Counseling Center is dedicated to providing a holistic, student-centered environment which encourages personal growth and well-being in keeping with the Mission of Saint Xavier University. We foster a transformative process of self-discovery through wellness, balance and growth designed to help students reach their personal and academic potential and goals.

These goals are accomplished through the following services:

  1. Confidential personal and group counseling by licensed counselors.
  2. Comprehensive Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program (AODEP) led by a licensed Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor (CADC).
  3. Mental Health Screening Days for Depression, Anxiety and Substance Use issues.
  4. Consultation with faculty and staff regarding student mental health/behavioral issues.
  5. Trainings for professional staff including Residents Assistants, Peer Ministers, etc. 
  6. Classroom psycho-educational workshops and presentations.
  7. Engaging in SXU community educational outreach programs.
  8. Crisis Intervention.
  9. Educating faculty and staff on how to respond to distressed students.
  10. Collaboration with the larger SXU community regarding supporting Veterans.
  11. Appropriate participation in the Conduct System.
  12. Active participation on the Care Team.