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John P. Daley

John P. Daley

Cook County Commissioner, 11th County Board District

County Commissioner

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Loyola University

Prior Government Experience:
Illinois House of Representatives, 1985 - 1989
Illinois State Senate, 1989 - 1992

Since joining the Cook County Board in 1992, John P. Daley's outstanding leadership qualities and organizational skills have been evident in his role as Chairman of the Finance Committee and Audit Committee, two of the most important leadership positions in the County. Chairman Daley has focused on improving the efficiency and fiscal health of County government while continuing his fight to make government responsive to the people whom it serves.

As a County Commissioner, Commissioner Daley fought to shut the door on scofflaws. His Anti-Tax Delinquency Ordinance effectively eliminates the practice of awarding County contracts and licenses to tax delinquent businesses. Commissioner Daley has earned widespread praise for his authorship of a comprehensive ordinance cracking down on parents who fail to pay child support. Daley's ordinance, the first of its kind adopted by a county government, will make it increasingly difficult for so-called "deadbeat" parents to hide from their responsibilities and the law.

Commissioner Daley has been an effective advocate for a cleaner environment. He authored a progressive ordinance to promote the use of recycled products, and his leadership was instrumental in creating the first Committee on Environmental Control in the history of the County Board. Daley has fought to protect our precious natural resources by balancing the interests of developers and conservationists over the fate of the nationally recognized Wolf Road Prairie.

Commissioner Daley has fought to keep jobs in Cook County by sponsoring an ordinance requiring government to purchase goods and services from local businesses, and to require construction contractors to hire local residents for major public works projects. Daley has been a leader in the area of economic development, promoting Cook County's role as an international center of business and commerce.

Commissioner Daley has fought to contain spending by aggressively attacking waste and inefficiency, and carefully monitoring the County's financial affairs. He has earned praise for bringing sound management principles to the business of government, and for insisting on the highest level of accountability from administrators. Under his leadership on the Audit Committee, the compliance rate with audit recommendations has increased from 60% to 97%.

Commissioner Daley is President of the CORE Foundation, which supports the nation's largest and most comprehensive center for the prevention, care, and research of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, in partnership with the Cook County Health and Hospitals System.