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Matthew J. O'Shea

Matthew J. O'Shea

Alderman of the 19th Ward

Matthew J O'Shea, 43, is Alderman of the 19th Ward, serving the communities of Beverly, Morgan Park, and Mt. Greenwood. As Alderman, O'Shea has worked to improve our schools, stimulate economic development, and enhance public safety.

Since his election in 2011, O'Shea has overseen several important community projects including the revitalization of the Edna White Community Garden and the second phase of King-Lockhart Memorial Park. He has also brought new quality businesses to the community including the soon to open Home Run Inn Pizza and the recently announced Buona Beef on Western Ave. Working in conjunction with Senator Ed Maloney and Representative Bill Cunningham, O'Shea fought for the expanded enrollment and boundaries of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences to allow more 19th Ward students the opportunity to attend.

Before serving as Alderman, O'Shea served as an aide to former Alderman Ginger Rugai, former State Representative Kevin Joyce, and former Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan. He also worked as Director of the Community Program at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences and as a social worker.

Matt is a lifelong resident of the 19th Ward. He and his wife Cara reside in West Beverly, and are active members of St. John Fisher Parish. They have three children, Brigid (10), Patrick (8), & Eileen (5). He has been involved in numerous charitable, civic, and community endeavors.

Matt is a graduate of Christ the King Grammar School (1983), Mount Carmel High School (1987), and Saint Mary's University of Winona (1991).