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Admission of Graduate Students

General Admission Procedures

Application materials may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Admission. The application process is completed when the applicant has submitted the following:
  1. A completed application;
  2. A thirty-five dollar ($35.00) application fee, unless applying for admission online;
  3. Completed recommendation forms, if required;
  4. The results of the appropriate graduate admission test, if required;
  5. Official transcript(s) sent directly from the registrar of each accredited college or university from which baccalaureate and graduate credit was earned.

Note: Students should see individual program applications for further procedures/requirements.

All application materials should be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Admission.

When an application file is complete, the file will be sent to the appropriate program director for review and an admission decision. The program director will promptly inform applicants of admission decisions.