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Commencement Policy

The University holds a December and May commencement ceremony each academic year. Student participation in graduation and related events is encouraged. All petitions to graduate must be submitted online through Self-Service. Select the option Petition to Graduate under Academic Profile on the student menu.

Students who do not satisfy their degree requirements in time for their petitioned/anticipated graduation term cannot participate in that term's ceremony and must renew the online petition process when the graduation requirements are met.

Students who satisfactorily complete their degree requirements in August and December participate in the December ceremony. Students who satisfactorily complete their degree requirements in May participate in the May ceremony. Students may not postpone their participation in graduation ceremonies to the following ceremony date.

After all degree requirements have been verified, diplomas will be available through the Office of Records and Advising (Room A-203).

All students are required to file a petition for graduation according to deadlines announced by the Office of Records and Advising. A fine of $100.00 will be assessed to any student filing after the application deadline. Applications for graduation are due the semester prior to the term in which a student wishes to graduate.

Students are encouraged to view their program evaluation through Self-Service on a regular basis and address deficiencies with their academic advisor. It is the responsibility of each student, along with guidance from his or her advisor, to complete all general education, major, minor (when applicable) and institutional requirements prescribed for each degree.

Application Deadline Awarding of Degrees
March 15, 2013 Fall 2013
October 15, 2013 Spring 2014
March 15, 2014 Summer 2014, Fall 2014