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Freshmen Student Admission

The Admission Committee is interested in applicants' academic quality and progress, recommendations from counselors and teachers, writing ability, and ACT or SAT scores, as well as the ability and desire to do college work. A list of required documentation can be found under the freshmen student application procedure.

High school preparation must include a minimum of sixteen units (one unit of any subject consists of the work normally covered in one year).

The following subjects are strongly recommended:

English 4 Units
Mathematics 3 Units (Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry)
Natural and Social Sciences 4 Units Combined
Foreign Language 2 Units
Academic Electives 3 Units

In addition, completion of a high school computer science course is considered an indication of well rounded academic background. Students planning to pursue programs in science, mathematics or computer science are recommended to have completed a fourth unit of high school mathematics.


Requirements for consideration for admission as a freshman communication major:


Students applying as a nursing major should have completed one year of high school chemistry or its equivalent and at least three years of math, including advanced algebra/trigonometry or its equivalent.

Requirements for consideration for admission as a freshman nursing major: