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Humanities Courses

Humanities courses provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the works of the human imagination. Humanities courses help students to experience and understand human creativity and accomplishment in the worlds of literature, music and art. Courses in this section satisfy core requirements in arts and literature.

HUM 101 - Introduction to Music (3)
Cross Ref: MUS 115
Offered every semester.
A survey course intended to develop listening skills, an understanding of the basic elements of music and sensitivity to the aesthetic experience. Students are required to attend live concerts on and off-campus. There is a ticket fee attached to enrollment in this course.

HUM 102 - Introduction to Art (3)
Cross Ref: ART 103
Offered every semester.
A survey course covering the basic principles underlying the arts and their application to selected examples of architecture, sculpture, painting and graphic arts.

HUM 111 - Humanities: Classical and Medieval (3)
Cross Ref: ART 121
An introduction to the classical Greek, the Roman and the Medieval worlds. The course explores these cultural epochs through a close look at the art, music and literature produced in the historic period.

HUM 112 - Humanities: Renaissance to Enlightenment (3)
Cross Ref: ART 122
An introduction to the Renaissance, the Baroque and the Enlightenment periods from the 14th to the late18th-centuries. The course explores the major expressive trends in each historic period's art, music and literature.

HUM 113 - Humanities: Modern and Contemporary (3)
Cross Ref: ART 123
An introduction to the cultural experience of the Western world from the 19th-century and into the present. The course explores the interaction between the social and political currents of the period and the artist as revealed in the art, music and literature of the time.

HUM 115 - Asia@Internet
Cross Ref: ART 115
A thematic introduction to the visual arts, literature and music of South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Far East, with some parallels drawn to the Islamic cultures of West Asia. Readings and core visual documents are posted on a website, and students are encouraged to search for collateral materials elsewhere on the World Wide Web. Multimedia class presentations are supplemented with field trips that may include visits to The Art Institute of Chicago and to the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, Lemont.

HUM 129 - Jazz in Chicago (3)
Cross Ref: MUS 129
An introductory survey course on the history of jazz and Chicago's influence on its development. Coursework will include lecture, discussion and field trips. Students attend musical performances together as a class to share and discuss this common musical experience. There is a ticket fee attached to enrollment in this course.

HUM 131 - Rock 'n' Roll: An Introduction (3)
Cross Ref: MUS 131
Introductory course on the history of rock 'n' roll beginning with the roots of rock to the present day. Coursework will include lecture, discussion and field trips. Students attend musical performances together as a class to share and discuss this common musical experience. There is a ticket fee attached to enrollment in this course.

HUM 135 - Art Scenes in Chicago (3)
Cross Ref: Art 135
This course explores some highlights of the vast and ever-growing cultural resources of the city of Chicago. In the classroom, we examine the artworks in a historical context, considering the issues of who makes art and why it is made. Field trips to museums and galleries downtown supplement the students' understanding of the Chicago art scene, past and present.

HUM 160 - Special Topics (3)

HUM 217 - American Culture (3)
An inquiry into the American experience within an historic and geographic context: the North American continent since 1620. Within that frame of reference, several topics are selected for examination. Each topic will be investigated through a variety of available written, visual and material artifacts that provide evidence of changing attitude(s) toward that topic.

HUM 219 - Theater in Chicago (3)
Theater in Chicago is designed to create for each student a lifelong passion for live theater. Students attend a wide variety of shows - professional, community, drama, comedy and improvisation. Students can attend shows with classmates, friends, spouses or alone if they choose. Class members will attend some productions together to share and discuss common experiences. Class work will examine the art and craft of the actors, directors, scenic designers and playwrights.

HUM 230 - Introduction to Acting (3)
Cross Ref: COMM 230
Offered fall and spring semesters.
Work on fundamental acting skills. Private and group exercises coupled with performance of contemporary American scenes utilizing specific skills.

HUM 232 - Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (3)
Cross Ref: ENGL 332, WMSTU 232
This course addresses the relationship between biological sex and the construction of gendered identities. As a result, this course deals directly with this relationship, as well as the historical conditions that give rise to this relationship, by examining writings about women and men and femininity and masculinity, from a range of disciplines that include the cultural, the sociological and the anthropological.

HUM 334 - Film as Text (3)
Cross Ref: ENGL 334
A study of the vocabulary and concepts of cinematic form and of the fundamentals of critical writing about film.

HUM 360 - Independent Study in the Humanities (3)
Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and consent of the instructor.
An advanced project involving an interdisciplinary approach to a humanities topic.

( ) = credit hours / / = classroom hours