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Criminal Background Investigations

State law (Illinois School Code 5/10-21.9) prohibits a school board from employing a person convicted of certain felony, sex, narcotics and drug convictions, and the School of Education has made a commitment to local area schools to require criminal background checks for all candidates in programs leading to initial licensure at strategic points during their academic careers.

Movement through the program may be suspended for failure to comply with the background check requirements. It may also be suspended in the event the background check reveals any of these convictions in a candidate's background that might jeopardize certification or employment.

Approval to complete clinical practice does not imply or guarantee approval for future employment in schools or agencies, nor does it imply or guarantee teacher certification. It is the responsibility of the candidate to refer to the Illinois School Code and/or seek legal council if it is suspected that his/her criminal history may bar certification or employment in a school district or agency. Additional information is available in the Office of Teacher Education and Certification.

Candidates in teacher education programs will be required to submit to at least one State and federal fingerprint check, which will be completed during EDUL 200. Another fingerprint check might be required before student teaching if the host school requires one.