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English as a Second Language and Bilingual Approval Program

The English as a second language (ESL) and bilingual approval program prepares teacher education candidates and certified teachers to design and deliver effective instruction for culturally and linguistically diverse students. The six-course sequence focuses on teaching the English language arts (reading, writing, speaking and listening) across content areas to children who are second-language learners and on effective teaching in bilingual programs.

Each course is 3 credit hours, resulting in a total of 18 credit hours for the program. The required ESL and/or bilingual field experience equals 100 clock-hours, or three months' teaching experience with ESL and/or bilingual students. This field experience component is met within the six-course sequence.

It may be possible to complete field experience hours for an ESL and/or bilingual approval course while concurrently completing field experience hours for a professional education course in a Type 03, Type 04, Type 09, Type 10 certification program if the field experience goals of each of the two concurrent courses can be fulfilled simultaneously in the same field setting. Teacher education candidates must obtain approval from their course instructors to fulfill field experience requirements in the same field setting for concurrent courses. Individuals who are granted an ESL and/or bilingual approval may teach in this capacity only at the grade levels for which their regular certificate is valid.

Program Requirements

EDU 363/EDUG 479 Theoretical Foundations of Teaching ESL and Bilingual Education (3)
EDU 364/EDUG 480 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL (3)
EDU 365/EDUG 481 Cross-Cultural Studies in a Bilingual Program (3)
EDU 366/EDUG 482 Methods and Materials for Teaching English in a Bilingual Program (3)
EDU 367/EDUG 483 Linguistics for Educators (3)
EDU 368/EDUG 484 Assessment of Bilingual Students (3)

The Illinois State Board of Education issues a letter of approval for ESL or bilingual education upon successful completion of this program. No additional testing is required for ESL approval; however, passage of a language proficiency examination in the target language is required for a bilingual approval.

( ) = credit hours / / = classroom hours