Saint Xavier University Cornerstone


HLC Site Team

Gar E. Kellom, Ph.D.

Gar E. Kellom, Ph.D. (Religion: University of California Berkeley), Site Team Chair. Director of Student Support Services, Winona State University.


  • Student Counseling and Personnel Services
  • International Students
  • Educational Administration and Supervision

Haydee Encarnacion-Garcia, Ph.D.

Haydee Encarnacion-Garcia, Ph.D. (Human Behavior: Indiana University). Director of Graduate Program in Public Health, Indiana Wesleyan University.


  • Program Review and Evaluation
  • Provides professional consulting services to a wide variety of public health and primary care agencies and organizations, including allied health academic institutions

John E. McCormick, Ph.D.

John E. McCormick, Ph.D. (Theology: Duquesne University). Associate Professor of Theology, Newman University.


  • Budgeting/Finance
  • Planning

Diane Marie Fladeland, Ph.D.

Diane Marie Fladeland, Ph.D. (Higher Education Administration: University of Minnesota). Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Mary.


  • Program Review/Evaluation
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Adult Degree Completion
  • General Education
  • Off-Campus Programs and Sites

Kimberly Allen, Ph.D.

Kimberly Allen, Ph.D. (Higher Education: University of Missouri-St. Louis). Assistant Professor, Maryville University of St. Louis.


  • Faculty Evaluation
  • Development
  • Promotion/Personnel
  • Program/Curriculum Design and Development Governance
  • Assessment of Student Learning Graduate Education
  • Institutional Research/Data Collection