Service Excellence

Service Excellence Recognition

Paws for Applause

The Service Excellence Recognition Committee is in search of our everyday heroes, SXU Champs!

Perhaps faculty or staff provided spontaneous service, performed a random act of kindness, or did an unexpected gesture that exudes our four service standards.

If you know someone or a group worthy of recognition, fill out the Paws for Applause form on the portal.

Champ's Service Excellence Award

Every year the Champ's Service Excellence Award will be given, to recognize a department or team that consistently demonstrates a high degree of excellence in teamwork and collaboration with other groups/departments.

This team will have proven their enthusiasm in assisting others in the SXU community respectfully, responsively, effectively and collaboratively.

The team consistently lives the SXU service philosophy daily, and their work ethic is contagious to "inspire success by working together to provide meaningful, personalized service in a spirit of excellence."

Nominations will be accepted from all faculty and staff, and nominations called for each year.

Nominations must include the following:

  1. Explanation of how the department/team meets or exceeds the standards of service excellence.
  2. Evidence of the elements of the standards as listed on the Service Excellence page.
  3. Contact information for the nominator and contact information for the nominee(s).

Selection Committee

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