Service Excellence

Service Obstacle System

The Service Obstacle System (SOS) at Saint Xavier is an online problem-resolution system designed for campus community members to identify obstacles that impede our ability to provide excellent service on campus that is responsive, collaborative, effective and respectful.

What the Service Obstacle System is not:

It is not a complaint box for Saint Xavier employees to report minor problems they may be experiencing. The SOS is a medium for bringing attention to issues that are larger in scope and may affect more than one person from providing excellent service. The SOS is an online form where University members can submit obstacles that affect University-wide service issues. The SOS form is NOT for technical or facilities requests.

Service Obstacle Examples

How to Submit a Service Obstacle

Help us address issues and concerns that are impeding our ability to meet our service excellence standards. Submit a service obstacle by filling out the online form.

When completing the form be sure to:

*Please Note: When submitting an obstacle, please know that your name and email will only be used to communicate progress on your service obstacle with you and will not be communicated to any third party without your permission.

Service Obstacle System Feedback

Please help us improve the Service Obstacle System by providing us feedback. Submit Feedback via email to