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Professional Development

The Center for Inclusive Excellence provides professional development opportunities centered around innovative teaching and learning that promotes intercultural and inclusive pedagogies.

Extended Leadership Team membership by our Director allows for a senior leadership representation and amplified platform for the concerns of diverse student and community members. In 2020, the Center for Inclusive Excellence is leading a diversity, equity and inclusion professional training for all members of the Extended Leadership Team that meets once a week for seven months.

Institutional Anti-Racism 2020 Strategic Goal will be co-chaired by the Center of Inclusive Excellence with monthly meetings to share what is happening across divisions, to amplify upcoming events and discussions related to this topic, and to report back on completed events/activities and learnings. A university-wide matrix will be kept to record activities that have been undertaken to report back to the Extended Leadership Team and to include in Board of Trustees Updates.

Faculty Innovators in Teaching (FIT) Six faculty members will be selected to participate in ESCALA's Certificate in College Teaching & Learning in HSIs, which promotes culturally inclusive pedagogies to support student success. The faculty will serve as FIT leaders and coordinate teaching and learning workshops at SXU.

Intercultural Pedagogies Training Workshops, study groups and guest speakers will be offered that help faculty reduce implicit bias in courses and classrooms; learn how to work effectively with peer mentors to bridge cultural gaps; develop multicultural digital communication skills; recognize and leverage student bi-literacy and multicultural competencies for wider student benefit; improve advising efficacy through the adoption of strategies that foster success among Hispanic, low-income, and first-generation students; and design curricula that more deeply embed multicultural learning.

Video Presentations

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