Saint Xavier University is proud of the impact it has on local, national and global communities. Continuing in the spirit of Mercy established by the founding Sisters of Mercy, the University exemplifies diversity, lifelong learning and a passion for justice. Read how alumni, Catholic officials and others view and value a Saint Xavier education.

Timothy Muldoon

Timothy P. Muldoon
Ph.D., Director, Mission Education at Catholic Extension and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Boston College

"There is no more important time for Mercy higher education than today. The network of Mercy institutions are rooted in the transformative work of Catherine McAuley, who saw a need to serve the poor at the dawn of the industrial revolution. Today, in our age when many are unsure whether they can achieve a college degree, Mercy institutions say "Yes, you can; and we are here to serve you!" The people in Mercy higher education are committed to a faith that does justice and to compassionate excellence."
Moya Dittmeier

Moya K. Dittmeier
Ed.D., Executive Director of the Conference for Mercy Higher Education (CMHE)

"The 17 Mercy colleges and universities in the United States are imbued with the spirit of Mercy -- that is, within a professional development focus, these colleges and universities incorporate the broad spectrum of the humanities and the sciences while encountering the critical issues of the day, raising questions of justice and inviting all to give voice to the voiceless. A Mercy higher education is truly transformative -- for students and for our world so very much in need of Mercy."
Monsignor Boland

Monsignor Michael Boland
President and CEO of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

"As an alum of Saint Xavier University, I have seen firsthand how it has upheld the Catholic Church's key principles of respect, compassion and service for over 100 years. I have dedicated my life to serving those in need and, as a proud Chicagoan myself, I understand the challenges that the city and surrounding communities face every day. Centers of education like Saint Xavier better the lives of all God's children, regardless of race or creed. The education and values that Saint Xavier instills in its students fills me with continued hope for the future of this city and our global community."
Gerald Kicanas

Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas
Bishop Emeritus of Tucson

"I am deeply humbled and grateful to receive an honorary degree from Saint Xavier University. As a priest and auxiliary bishop in Chicago, I came to know firsthand the excellence of this Catholic university and its outstanding contribution to the community. Saint Xavier has educated and formed generations of students of all backgrounds who use their gifts to better the lives of others. Their gifted alumni have distinguished themselves in their areas of competence and in their desire to enhance our society. I am proud now to be counted among them. Saint Xavier continues to play a key role in the education of future leaders to serve the community so needed today."
Jennifer Maddox

Jennifer Maddox
Chicago Police Officer, a CNN Hero of the Year and founder of nonprofit Future Ties

"My experience as a Saint Xavier student was valuable. I didn't realize getting my MBA would lead me to a transformational change within myself and my career. The skills that I gained: leadership, initiative, strategic thinking and adaptability to change assisted me within my nonprofit work. We have contributed to the greater good by transforming and changing lives in the community that we serve. Thank you, Saint Xavier, for giving me the foundation."