Vision 2017

The University Vision

Vision 2017 (PDF)

Saint Xavier University will be an educational institution that responds to people with dignity and promotes thought leadership, giving voice to that effort through the scholarship and prominent work of our faculty and staff. We will use that leadership to develop mutually beneficial relationships and strategic partnerships with external communities so that we can create increased opportunities for a diverse community of ethical, motivated and socially engaged learners who are prepared for 21st century careers.

Supporting Goals and Objectives

Each of these goals is supported by several objectives and metrics. The Steering Committee assigned a priority to each of these objectives and metrics, considered whether existing or new resources would be required to address them, and specified a time frame for completion. In cases in which no new resources are anticipated, at least in the short run, the Steering Committee believes that the objectives can be met through either refocusing existing resources and/or changing the mindset of those tasked with their implementation.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, June 4, 2012.