Art and Design Department

Art and Design Career Opportunities

Why Choose an Art and Design Major?

Art is defined as the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments or experiences that can be shared with others. Still, there are as many definitions of art as there are artists. Art plays a large part in making our lives infinitely rich.

Imagine a world without art! How incredibly dull the world would be without designers, visual artists and sculptors. Art stimulates different parts of our brains to make us laugh or incite us to riot, with a whole gamut of emotions in-between. Art gives us a way to be creative and express ourselves. Art is something that makes us more thoughtful and well-rounded humans.

Job Skills of an Art Major

Principally concerned with layout and production in past decades, artists are now concerned with more socially responsible communication. Student artists and designers must become aware of "speaking" effectively for maximum outreach. The faculty aim to reinforce those traits needed for cooperation between the art and business worlds: communication skills, ethical standards, timeliness and cost-effectiveness.

SXU's Art and Design provides you with the skills necessary to create visual artistic statements of your own and the resiliency to succeed in a competitive, changing world. In addition to technical skills, you will be developing skills for problem-solving, communication and research. Problem-solving skills will bridge visual and verbal thought processes. Communication skills will allow you to visually and verbally communicate your understanding and appreciation of art and design. Research skills will deepen your understanding of the practices, history and social context of the full gamut of diverse cultural representation in the field of art and design.

Possible Career Path

Creative individuals who are visually articulate play profound roles in our increasingly complex visual world, where career opportunities are numerous. Graduates of SXU's art and design programs have become practicing exhibiting artists, animators, gallery directors, art teachers, performers, tattoo artists, art directors at nationally known agencies, commercial photographers, graphic designers, film directors and more. With today's technologies, artists have endless venues in which to share and sell artwork. The days of galleries dominating the marketplace have passed. Some artists make their entire living selling their artwork through the Internet. Technologies have created a new landscape for artists. Artists create mobile technologies and app creation, video games, 3-D television and interactive books. The opportunities for artists/designers are interdisciplinary and varied.

Center for SUCCESS offers a list of resources to provide more information about what you can do with a major in art and design.