Art and Design Department

Art Senior Projects

This course is aimed at professional awareness and graduate preparation. Guest artists, rotating lectures, group discussions of contemporary trends and field trips are scheduled on an ongoing basis. Students taking the seminar will have their work reviewed by the Art and Design Department faculty and have their work displayed in the Senior Exhibition in the SXU Gallery and/or the Visual Arts Center Student Gallery.

Past Student Projects

Each year, the seniors have their artwork showcased in the SXU Gallery located in Warde Academic Center. To demonstrate a sample of their work, selected students have chosen one image or video that best represents their progress and achievement from Senior Seminar, including a short description of their experience in the program and the work itself.

Spring 2017

Kolin Smith, senior graphic design major, explored a variety of ideas to find inspiration for his Senior Seminar project. With the experience of various classes offered through Saint Xavier, he found inspiration in several artistic forms. He says, "Through constant experimentation with a variety of mediums such as painting, drawing, writing, poetry, dance, video, and digital I created a series."

His THIRSTY series was displayed, which derived from the HUNGRY series. He explains his process by saying, "I had explored the Hunger series extensively and had become 'full' of the hunger series and wanted to transition into other ideas. I had started drawing a lot of selfies of other people. I asked myself, 'Why do I feel compelled to draw selfies? What did I see in these photos?' I couldn't come up with a satisfying answer. All of a sudden I thought, 'What if I replaced the phone with a sort of cartoon version of myself?' After the first test many ideas spurred my brain and I was able to find many interpretations to my original questions. I found that I see myself in a lot of things."

Heather Kaminski dedicated her senior project to the "darkest point" of her life: her depression.

She describes, "I gave up hope in school, my family, love and even myself. After being sick and tired of feeling terrible, I snapped out of the funk I was in and found the help I needed. Even though I conquered getting out a dark place, I still am on a path to healing."

With the experience she gained through the filmmaking course and the guidance of her mentor and professor, Cathie Ruggie-Saunders, Kaminski was able to demonstrate her experience through the visual art of film.

"My film expresses my direct thoughts and emotions that the viewer can understand." She says, "Not only did I want to document my accomplishment over this period my life, but I wanted to show others that if I can do it, they can too."

"DARK" by Heather Kaminski

Senior Seminar Archive

To view the projects from the class of 2017, please visit the Art and Design Flickr album, SXU Senior Show 2017.

To view the projects from the class of 2016, please visit the Art and Design Flickr album, SXU Senior Show 2016.


Senior Seminar Exhibits 2016

Every month we will feature a different video here from each of the graduating students.

This month's Feature: Adewumi Adegoke aims to communicate the burning issues of his thoughts and his unspoken words through a video installation entitled, "Homo Sapiens."

"Homo Sapiens" - Adewumi Adegoke