Biology Department

biology Career Opportunities

Why Choose Biology?

To study biology is to study life. Biology allows you to explore the function, growth and development of living systems from human life to global climate. Under this broad scope, you will be able to chose a specialized track within the program that allows you to focus on your desired area of study.

Job Skills Developed in Biology Majors

As a Biology major, you will be spending a lot of time observing phenomena, testing hypotheses, drawing conclusions and synthesizing the findings into lab reports, scientific papers and presentations. During this process, you will be developing a variety of quality skills that will allow you to:

Possible Career Paths

Our alumni have achieved careers in the allied health professions, hospital administration, education, research industry, environmental studies and park services. Because biology offers a range of specializations, graduates often continue their education to pursue a master's or doctorate degree. After completing this program, you will be prepared for a variety of careers including, but not limited to: