Chemistry Department

chemistry Career Opportunities

Why Choose Chemistry?

Chemistry provides an understanding of the material substances and the dynamics of their interaction in the physical and biological world. This program allows students to critically analyze chemical information, synthesize the information and present their findings using skillful communication. After developing valuable team-oriented skills, problem-solving skills and research skills, students who excel in chemistry will be well prepared for a variety of careers.

Possible Career Paths

Academic work in this area is the entrance to a number of exciting career options. Students who major in chemistry are qualified for interesting jobs upon graduation, and for commencing post-graduate work in the fields of chemistry, medicine, education, engineering, environment, forensics, health sciences and law. It is also possible to create one's own successful career path by combining an academic major or minor in chemistry with programs in art, biology, business, computer science, criminal justice or mathematics. A chemistry degree allows students to succeed in a number of career paths, such as:

The Center for SUCCESS offers a list of resources to provide more information about what you can do with a major in Chemistry.