Communication Department

communication Career Opportunities

Why Choose Communication?

At the very core of human development lies communication. The ability to understand and manipulate language--written, verbal or visual--is a fundamental skill that can and should be applied to every facet of a professional life. Because of this, students who major in communication have the choice of a variety of career options to exercise the many skills they have developed.

Job Skills Developed in Communication Majors

As a communication major, you will be developing and/or enhancing mediating and problem-solving skills, research and analysis skills, writing skills and public speaking skills. These skills are invaluable for a variety of career options. 

Possible Career Paths

Each concentration is designed to prepare the student for advanced degree work and/or employment in communication-related and professional fields. Potential career areas include the following:

The Center for SUCCESS offers a list of resources to provide more information about what you can do with a major in communication.