Communication Department

Communication Senior Projects

Senior Seminar: Communication Research and Research Application

Completing a senior project is a requirement for all majors in the Communication Department. This course consists of extensive, independent, high-quality work on a project of the student's choosing. Working in conjunction with a faculty advisor, the student can develop projects in any of several areas of interest. In previous semesters, students have studied:

During the second semester of this course, students are encouraged to take their research to the next step in applying the concepts and theories they have learned. Previously, students have created:

Students are able to engage in many forms of research and application as it applies to their chosen area of communication. When work on a senior project is completed to the student's and faculty advisor's satisfaction, it will be presented to all faculty in the Communication Department in a formal setting for critique and final evaluation. These formal sessions will be held at the end of fall and spring semesters and will include all students' working on senior projects that semester.

These final projects give students the opportunity to practice real-world applications and gain insight, as well as experience, in their desired fields. Students who successfully complete their projects become experts in their area and are able to present future employers with a portfolio of their work.

An example of a senior project is Where Love Lives/Where Love Lies (Avant Garde Video)