Computer Science Department

computer science Career Opportunities

Why Choose Computing?

Computer Science is a necessary part of every technological advancement in our ever-changing world. Every industry faces the need of computer technology, so ideally, computer scientists are able to choose whichever industry they desire.

Job Skills Developed in Computer Science Majors

As a computer science major, you will be exercising your attention to detail while mastering programming languages like C++, JavaScript and Python. These programming languages form the foundational building blocks of software and rely heavily on logic, mathematics, creative thinking and ingenuity. You will also be devoting your study to algorithm development and software engineering. These skills are invaluable for a variety of career options.

Possible Career Paths

Graduates from the computer science program are very successful in a range of high-demand fields. Career opportunities are available in a wide variety of settings including finance, insurance, medical, educational, governmental, manufacturing and service industries. Graduates could work as some of the following:

Career Services Center offers a list of resources to provide more information about what you can do with a major in computer science or computer information systems.

Internship Opportunities

The Computer Science Department strongly encourages students to complete an internship. Internships help students to explore career areas in depth before graduation. This adds experience and greatly enhances the job search in the graduation year. Interns can enjoy both applying classroom lessons in the field and using new experiences to solve real world problems.