Computer Science Department


The Computer Science Department strongly encourages students to complete an internship. Internships help students to explore career areas in depth before graduation. This adds experience and greatly enhances the job search in the graduation year. Interns can enjoy both applying classroom lessons in the field and using new experiences to solve real world problems.

The Computer Science department exercises as much flexibility as possible in helping students achieve an internship. The department and the Center for SUCCESS both list available internships during the school year and summer. They are both willing to help the student prepare well for application to available opportunities and help the student find additional opportunities if listed internships are unavailable. 

Internships may be paid or unpaid depending on the position and employer and student needs. Internships may be for credit or for experience or both. Internships may be used for academic credit in the Computer Science programs as electives.  The student needs to review the program evaluation, and in consultation with the advisor, determine if credit will be beneficial to graduation. 

 Interns must provide:

Computer Science and Computer Information Studies students register for:

CMPSC 350: Internship (credit varies to a maximum of 12 hrs)
The internship opportunity is reserved for students who are employed in positions that involve computer science/studies knowledge and skills. We provide this opportunity to encourage students to gain practical, real-world experience that can enhance their understanding of the discipline and their potential as computer professionals. The student must apply for the academic credit at the time the internship takes place. 

For questions about the Undergraduate Internships contact James Vanderhyde at

ACSG 594: Internship (varies)
Prerequisite: admission to the program
Students will work for a semester in an agreed upon career position. The employer will be expected to put a letter on file with the program advisor documenting the proposed professional contribution the student is making to the organization. The employer must supply an evaluation at the end of the internship period. Pass/fail grade option only.

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